Wing Chun Kung Fu is a chinese martial arts system. Legends says that it was invented by a Buddhist nun called Ng Mui, she fled from the Shaolin temple, which was burnt down by the Ching dynasty emperor who considered the Shaolin temple to be a threat. Ng Mui studied the actions of the snake and crane. She created a new fighting system based on this and taught it to a girl named Yim Wing Chun.


Dr Leung Jan from Foshan China is one of the Wing Chun successor recorded in history. Leung Jan taught a student named Chan Wah Shun and he taught the infamous Ip Man.


Wing Chun attained popularity through the teachings of the Great Grandmaster Ip man who is famously known for teaching Bruce Lee. We are privileged to have the system passed down to the newer generations from one of his son’s, Grand Master Ip Ching.  We are one of the South London Wing Chun representive, of the HQ.

The Wing Chun School Waterloo comes from the same Ip Man lineage and will continue to adhere to the system.




  • SIU NIM TAO,  First form translate into 'Little Idea'

  • CHUM KIU,  Second form translated into 'Searching bridge'

  • BIU TZE,  Third form translated into 'Darting Fingers' 

CHI SAU, Translated as sticking hands 

  • Bong Lap Sau Chi Sau

  • Dan Chi Sau (single sticking hands)

  • Pak Sau Chi Sau 

  • Poon Sau Lok Sau (double sticking hands)


MOK YAHN JOHNG, translation 'Wooden Dummy'